Using Pinterest (in a positive way) to plan your wedding

Hello there friends! Well, if you haven’t read yesterday’s post/rant about Pinterest you should check that out first. I really hope I didn’t offend anyone. I had quite a few people saying they felt the exact same way but part of me feels like maybe I should clear a few things up:

  • By no means do I hate Pinterest. I think it can be an awesome tool and a great place for learning some really cool stuff, gathering great ideas, etc.
  • I also want everyone to know I love weddings with tons of details, and all those perfectly planned and executed ideas. I just want to urge people to make sure that whatever you’re doing that you’re being true to yourself!
  • I also don’t want our clients to feel like they can’t show us things they like on Pinterest. Please do! Just take the time to really think about what you like/want from your photography and why you feel that way. Is it a picture you genuinely connect with or just a shot you feel like you have to have because everyone else is doing it?

With that said, let’s talk about some great things to remember when using Pinterest to plan your wedding:

Gathering a big picture board of inspiration. Obviously there is no shortage of ideas, photo shoots, and real weddings to gather inspiration from. During the beginning stages of planning your wedding you might not know exactly what your vision is. Go ahead and pin everything that you like! The great thing about having everything on one board at first is that it allows you to see everything in a big picture way. Then you can start narrowing down your ideas and making your vision come together. This is so fun! Maybe once you have this ‘big picture’ board done with a few pictures then you can start building more detailed boards for each area of your wedding. Revisit this board and edit it (delete pins) to really narrow things down to what you want.

Narrowing down the things you want for each category of your wedding day. Maybe once you have your big picture board done then you can start building boards for each category. You’ll be able to use these to show your wedding vendors your ideas, things you love and hope to have. I just urge you to use what you see as inspiration. Don’t feel like you have to completely replicate everything you see! Make it your own.

Start following other wedding vendors and experts. You’ll be able to see what these professionals think and it’s a great place to start when looking for ideas. These wedding vendors do this for a living and can offer you a unique perspective. Hire a wedding planner. You won’t regret it. Then allow them to use your boards to help you plan a wedding that is unique to you as a couple!

Try not to micromanage. I know this is going to really ruffle some feathers but I want you to know- your vendors really do care about your wedding. We’re professionals at what we do and we want your wedding day to be absolute perfection. If you’re picking true professionals for your vendors then you don’t need to worry about each and every last detail. Use pinterest as a way to make sure you and your vendors are on the same page. Once you know they understand your vision, take a step back and allow them to do their job. You’ll be so happy when you just trust your vendors and enjoy your wedding planning process!! 🙂

Be realistic about your budget. Let’s face it. Some of the things you find on Pinterest are totally over the top. Just be mindful of this if you’re on a strict budget (most of us are!).

Turn. It. Off. Once you’ve pinned what you need for inspiration and you’ve shown your vendors what you want them to see…it’s time to take a break. Seriously. Turn it off. If you allow yourself to just keep pinning you’re going to drive yourself crazy (your fiance and your wedding planner too ;)).

I know wedding planning can be totally overwhelming. Please please please though- enjoy the process! It really can be fun if you just stay true to who you are as a couple, hire the right people and take a step back to enjoy it!

Looks like I’m not the only one with these thoughts. I love these ideas from Emily Humphries on Ashley’s Bride Guide. Check out her post: The Pinterest Affect: Don’t Let Pinterest Ruin Your Wedding. Amen Emily!

Happy Planning friends!



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