The guy’s perspective. Why Dusty loves shooting weddings

I (Dusty) absolutley LOVE this job!  First of all working with Leslie is AMAZING.  My parents ran a family business when I was growing up so it’s always been a dream of mine to run my own business one day.  Now it’s a reality and it couldn’t be more perfect working with Leslie.  I’m a big believer in doing work that means something and doing what you love. We plan to instill these principles in Davis so he can grow up and one day do the work he loves.  Relationships have always been very important to me.  I love getting to know our clients.  I love hearing their story and what brought them together.  Building genuine relationships makes our clients feel at ease and gives us a better opportunity to capture natural pictures.  Living these special moments with people is something that never gets old and delivering beautiful images is simply icing on the cake.I love shooting weddings with Leslie.  It’s so fun to hang out with the guys while Leslie is spending time with the girls.  I love getting shots of the groom and his buddies a few hours before the big moment.  I love getting shots like this of the groom before the ceremony. It’s a moment I remember from our wedding- writing Leslie a letter. I try to stay out of the way so the groom can feel comfortable.
wedding photographers nashville
I love getting “guy” detail shots that Leslie might not notice.
nashville wedding photographers

For some reason, I really like shoes…..I literally have more shoes than Leslie does…..I know it’s weird and I hate to admit it but it’s true…..that being said….I really like getting a shot of the bride and groom’s shoes together.
wedding shoes

I love seeing grandparents on the dance floor at a reception.  I love capturing this for the family to enjoy!
husband and wife photographers

In my opinion, the band makes or breaks the reception.  A great band knows how to get the party started.  I love taking shots of the band in action.
A Town A List Band

nashville wedding photographer

A Town A List Band

We’re just really happy we get to do this for a living and get to be a part of people’s big celebrations!



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