{friday favorite} Nursery Progress

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I would wait until the nursery was done to post pictures but I just can’t wait…and our bedding won’t be here until Mid March so I’ll just post the final nursery pictures once that arrives! Last weekend my friend Meredith was in town to help us get everything set up. It’s funny though- the week before she was here I was looking around in the room and actually thought to myself “I don’t know exactly what we’re going to do when she’s here. There isn’t that much to do”. HAH. We worked our tails off. Talk about back pain. We were nonstop from Saturday morning till Saturday night when we decided to finally feed our guest and show her some of Nashville. And we were back at it again Sunday morning until we had to take her to the airport. Mere- you are SUCH a great friend and I appreciate your help more than you know.

We accomplished so much in one weekend. And it’s hard to tell just by looking at the pictures but I promise you it was a ton of work. A lot of our time was spent getting things out of the guest bedroom that didn’t belong there– anything baby related was sorted and actually put in the nursery. It took Mere about half the day to install the curtain rods, hem the curtains to the right length and iron them. I love these cheap Ikea curtains but it was a ton of work. And I’m glad I didn’t do them because they wouldn’t have turned out so perfect 🙂

So, it’s important to show where we first started with this room! Here it is during our walk through with the previous owners’ things:

Here is the room on move-in day- notice the carpet!

Right before Thanksgiving we pulled up the carpet to see what the hardwood floors looked like underneath. We did this in the nursery and my office (I’ll post pictures from the office update soon too!). We ended up hiring some guys to refinish the floors and they look GREAT. We are so happy with them and it really makes both of these rooms so much cleaner and feel a lot bigger.

Here is the room with carpet pulled while Dusty paints 🙂 The walls are a light grey- even though they look kind of blue.

This dresser was in my mom’s house. I think it belonged to my grandfather’s sister? Right Papa? 🙂

Dusty worked really hard to prime and paint this and I LOVE how it turned out. A fun, bright yellow 🙂 This will be the dresser/changing table.

Meredith hard at work on the curtains:

I found the idea for this sign on Pinterest and I decided that we absolutely had to have it in the nursery. We found some old cedar boards in our attic and laid them out to see how they would look together. Then we used liquid nails to adhere them to a backer board so we could hang it as one giant piece. I painted over the boards very lightly with white paint and then printed the letters and used carbon paper to transfer them to the sign. Then I painted the letters with brown paint. Please excuse my appearance but here I am painting the first letters.

Measuring very very very carefully to figure out where the sign would go. We wanted to make sure it was high enough above the crib so our little one can’t reach it. And believe me, this thing is secured to the wall. We might not ever get it down but we feel good that it’s up there and won’t budge. We discussed putting it on a different wall but I really wanted it to be a focalpoint in the room. The sign says ‘You are loved. Always’ and I hope baby Walker always knows that 🙂

Here we are hanging the sign:

It’s really hilarious how long it took us to measure and re-measure to figure out where all the screws would go. But it ended up working out. Here is the madness:

The finished sign. I am so in love with this. 🙂

And here is the room! We obviously have a lot to do still– baby needs a mattress and bedding, artwork has been ordered for the walls, shelving, etc. But everytime I walk past this room it makes me smile. 🙂

All we need are baby items and a baby!

Yes, this is still a photography blog 😉 I just love sharing about our lives as well. We’re excited for a weekend of working on LWP and making some updates to the business! I’m loving all the brides I’m currently talking to about their weddings. It looks like we’ll be very busy starting in June!