Sweet Baby Owen’s Newborn Session

Happy Friday friends! I’m going to do my best to give this blog post the justice and magnitude it deserves…bear with me.

Our friends Tyler & Kayla have been a huge part of our life for many, many years. They were some of the very first friends who allowed me to test the waters of photography with them as my guinea pigs and they’ve been encouraging throughout the entire life of our business. When we told them I was pregnant they were ecstatic. On the day Davis was born, Tyler was at the hospital filming our family & friends as they anxiously waited to hear the news that Baby W had been born… and he was there when Dusty shared the exciting news that ‘Baby W’ was a precious baby boy named Davis. He put together the most incredible video from that day. We owe him big time for that. I’ll never forget as Kayla held Davis for the first time, watching her with tears streaming down her face. She was so happy for us, yet, she was so ready for a baby of her own. Our friends went through some rough times to get there but eventually we got the call that they were finally pregnant. And we were the ones crying. If you could hand pick two people to be parents…people who would love and care for a baby with their entire being…it’s Tyler & Kayla.

Fast forward…. I had just finished preparing some things for the shower we were hosting them the next day and we got a call from Tyler. We could tell immediately he was panicked and wanted to get us the information quick. Kayla had been experiencing some strange symptoms during the day and long story short…. Owen was going to be born 9 weeks early. It was a very scary time for them, their family and all of the friends who were anxiously waiting for updates. Kayla & baby Owen were ok but it was going to be a long road. He was born weighing 3 lbs. 14oz. and had a head full of dark hair. Miracles happened that night and continue to happen all around Tyler, Kayla and Sweet baby O.

After a few weeks they were up against another shock as Owen was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder called LCHAD. They certainly have a battle ahead of them to figure out exactly what Owen’s little body needs and can handle but Tyler & Kayla are doing everything they can for this little guy. Owen is a fighter that’s for sure…and so are his parents. They spent 39 days in the hospital. I’m here to tell you they had an army of people praying for them and they were able to bring Owen home 2 days before Christmas. Talk about a Christmas mircale! 🙂

The journey continues for these 3 and it certainly hasn’t been easy but Tyler & Kayla are walking through this with such grace. It just amazes me. Their focus and commitment to Owen is so amazing to see.

We had already planned on doing newborn pictures of this little man…which was going to be an honor in the first place. And then they bring home this miracle baby and I’m holding him in their living room about to burst into tears. Y’all..he is SO cute. I’m sorry for the long post but you have to know this family’s story when you see these sweet pictures.

Without further ado we present to you Owen’s newborn session (or actually his 2 month pictures!)…

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