Nashville Engagement Session – Erin & Danny

I thought about saving these engagement pictures for my Friday Favorite but I just can’t wait 🙂 I say this a lot- but I really am VERY excited about these pictures. I had such a great time with Erin & Danny. As you’ll see, these two are hilarious. I left this session with a giant smile on my face. They are so in love and you can literally feel it when you’re with them. They make each other laugh… constantly. I’m shooting their wedding at Barnsley Gardens in Atlanta this year and I’m pretty much counting down the days. A big thank you to Erin and Danny- you guys truly rocked it out 😉

I had a hard time narrowing these down… buckle up there are a ton of pictures!


I love the way Erin & Danny look at each other 🙂


LOVE. Oh and Erin’s jacket- yeah it’s amazing. I’ll find out where she got it and let you guys know!


Erin- you’re beautiful.


Danny is a musician so I told him to bring his guitar. I love the way these turned out.



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