Meet Leslie

Welcome! Thank you so much for checking out my work! Photography has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I am so grateful for the influences of many artists in my family and have always felt the sentimental need to document life. That passion continued to grow and in 2008 I took the leap and poured all my time and energy into documenting life for others.

I started as a do-it-all photographer— weddings, engagements, babies, families, events, etc. And then I had my first son in 2012 and his birth ignited in me a deep appreciation for documenting these precious moments for families. We have since added another little boy in 2015 and a girl completed our family in 2018. I am a wife and a mother and I am in the middle of those hard, but amazing years with little ones running around me. Our house is loud and messy and I would’t change it for the world. Motherhood is the greatest gift.

I want you to have beautiful pictures of your family in those first days of bringing home your newborn and for many years as your family grows. As a mother myself, I understand how the time passes all too quickly. You just want to freeze time so you can kiss those chubby feet forever. This season of life deserves to be celebrated and preserved.

My friends and family would tell you I am easy going and truly love being around children. I am a GA native. I love coca cola classic, spending time at the lake and the beach, movie nights with our boys, wine nights with my friends and Target. All the target trips.

It would be an honor to capture some beautiful pictures for your family!