{friday favorite} The past week

Happy Friday everyone! Forgive me for the series of posts with nothing but pictures of my baby… and pictures from my iphone nonetheless. I’m officially that mom. The good news is I’m back from maternity leave and shooting a bridal portrait today! Can’t wait to get back at it!!

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the past week in our life at home with Davis 🙂

Last Saturday Dusty ran his first 1/2 marathon! SO proud of my hubby for this huge accomplishment. Davis and I ventured out with the 31,000 people in Nashville to cheer him on. We hung out with some friends at mile 5 and saw Dusty run by! So much fun. Davis is obviously thrilled in this picture.

Davis, you make some hilarious faces buddy. And I think you’re getting a little chunky. I like it 🙂

You went shopping with Mommy for the first time. We were out all day long and you were so good!

I told you. Hilarious faces. You’re so serious! I’m pretty sure this is after you ate. Total milk coma 😉

Daddy gave you a bottle for the first time! Such a sweet moment for him to finally know what it feels like to feed you. And you took the bottle like a champ!

You met your Great Uncle Davis last weekend! Such a special moment. You’re named after him, and 2 of your great grandfathers! 🙂 My hope is you’ll always know the great men you’re named after and you’ll become one yourself!


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