{friday favorite} Somebody in California loves us

Happy Friday everyone! Whew. It’s been a crazy week! Our little mini dachshund, Bean is in surgery right now for a herniated disk 🙁 Poor little guy. He’s been in so much pain and it has broken my heart. Please say a prayer for him!

In other happier news… my best friend Laurin came to visit from California! I haven’t seen her since August of last year so it was SO much fun having her here. She was SO excited to meet Davis and hold him as much as she could in 4 days. We had a blast. The other day we went to Arrington Vineyards (yes, I brought a baby to a winery haha). Davis loved it! Dusty and Leah were with us and it couldn’t have been a more perfect night. I absolutely love going out there- it’s so relaxing and beautiful. I could do it every single day 🙂 Good times. Laurin, thank you so much for flying all the way here to meet our little man 🙂 You’re the best friend ever.

I am obsessed with this picture. Thank you Dusty for taking this!

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