{friday favorite} Life with little Davis

Happy Friday everyone!! You guys- I am so in love with this little guy. I just can’t even describe it. 🙂

I just wanted to quickly post some pictures from the past week and then I’m off to hang out with our little guy. That’s what this time at home is all about. 🙂

First time in his bouncy seat. So much to look at 🙂

My mom was in town for a little over a week. I sure miss her being here 🙁 I love this picture of Davis & his mama.

Mr. Davis, you’ve been giving us the sweetest smiles in your sleep. I love to gently rub your cheek so you’ll smile!

We planted a dogwood tree in honor of Davis in our front yard. It will bloom every year around his birthday!

My friend Adrianne came to visit with baby Collier. These two guys will be best friends.

First time in the Moby wrap. He loves it!

There is a black and white picture of my mom holding me just like this when I was a few days old. We recreated it 🙂

Baby W and I on my birthday! It was the most incredible birthday to spend it with our family, friends and new baby boy.

Heres one of those sleepy smiles I was talking about!

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