{friday favorite} I love this town

Happy Friday everyone!! So, it turns out that I’ve moved to the perfect city for my love of music. One thing Charleston didn’t have was a great music scene. Nashville has music coming out of it’s ears. And I have great friends who share this love with me. We’re constantly talking about what concert we’re going to next and how we can sneak our way into the lives of some of these talented people.

Today’s Friday Favorite is a toast to my friend Leah. Today is her last day at Belle Meade Plantation as the special events coordinator. She has done so much at this place and everyone loves her. Leah- I know it’s going to be hard for you to leave but you’re on to great things!! 🙂 So, as one of her final events to plan at BMP, she put together an incredible night last Friday and made sure to secure some of Nashville’s most talented singer/songwriters. Dusty and I were lucky enough to join her at this incredible night. We were front row to unbelievable talent. Enter: Dave Barnes, Jonathan Singleton & Brett James. If you don’t know these guys you have to look them up…. now.   I was totally excited to get some pictures these guys. Check out some of my favorites:


3 thoughts on “{friday favorite} I love this town”

  • Catherine OBrion says:

    Love this post!!! oozing with jealousy that I missed that night and oozing with pride for Miss Leah London. What a great girl and friend 🙂 Love the post, leslie!!

  • Glad you’re happy in Nashville.

    Not sure why you were disappointed with the “music scene” in Charleston? I like it just fine.

    I hope you enjoy wherever you are.

  • Andrea Crawford says:

    Jonathan Singleton and his band used to live in my hometown! I would go see them play at least twice a week. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Great pictures!

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