{friday favorite} Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Happy Friday everyone! I totally missed last week’s Friday Favorite. Oops! We were so busy with traveling to Atlanta and back and had a great Christmas!!! Our last quiet Christmas 😉

We’re headed to a cabin today with the family to celebrate my sister in law’s 30th birthday! Happy Birthday Ash! 🙂 Once we get back from that trip, I’ll really be getting back to work and have a ton to catch you up on. We’re starting to make some progress on the nursery and preparing for Baby Walker! I’m 25 weeks pregnant and feeling great. Here is a recent bump picture that Dusty took of me on Christmas! I’m definitely a lot bigger than the last time I posted baby bump pictures!

After Christmas morning at our new house, we went to Dusty’s parent’s house (aka Lady & Pops). I just love this picture of Dusty and Pops. Like father like son 🙂 Pops got this new guitar for Christmas and was so excited!

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