{friday favorite} April Fools!

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been sitting here all day trying to come up with a great April Fools Day joke to post on here. I’ve got nothin. I even consulted a few friends and here are some of the ideas:

I’m pregnant. Nope. This is too obvious. If I were pregnant, April Fools Day would be a terrible day to announce it.

My Camera Broke and I can’t afford another one so I’m quitting photography. Psssh. I would sell my arm in order to get another camera. So thats not believable. Wait…I need my arm.

Bean has been asked to be a dog model for Snuggie. Well, that’s kind of believable if you ask me. He DOES look great in his snuggie.

Dusty was asked to be in a local TV show about excercising. OK…this one is only funny to a handful of people. Dusty, I love you and I’m glad you excercise but this would be hilarious.

We’re moving again. Now that’s just not funny.

Bean got another dog pregnant and the owner wants us to pay half of the vet bills. Haha. This is just not possible. I know. I’m his mother.

So, even though I didn’t actually go through with any of these I thought it would be fun for you to hear the ideas we came up with 🙂

I hope everyone has a great April Fools Friday!!

P.S. It’s officially my birthday month. Yeeeeeah.

And yes, this is still a photography blog. I promise tons of pictures are coming in the next few months. I’m shooting a wedding in Atlanta next weekend!



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