{friday favorite} A look back

Happy Good Friday everyone!! It’s such a beautiful day… maybe a good day for Baby W’s arrivial? Who knows! We’re headed to the doctor later today and hoping for some good news that we’re getting close!

I was packing camera equipment and syncing my phone to my computer last night and I came across tons of great pictures. It was so crazy to watch all of these pictures load from my phone starting when we moved in Charleston to this point. So much has happened in our lives! I thought it might be fun to take a little look back. We have spent the past month just relaxing, doing things around the house and making sure to live it up before our lives change forever. Don’t get me wrong- we’re very excited for all of the changes headed our way but we’re well aware of how precious this time is! I’m so glad we finished the nursery when we did and we set aside all of March to have no plans at all. We’ve had the most perfect weekends lately and I’m so thankful for this time.

Dusty has been amazing. He has been so supportive and so sweet- always taking care of me, reminding me to drink water and take a break because if he doesn’t I’ll run around like a crazy woman. He surprised me on Wednesday at lunch with an Easter Lilly, Lunch and the rest of the day off for us to have a date! We had the greatest day. And last weekend we took a jeep ride to Arrington Vineyards (yes, I went to a winery 9 months pregnant haha). I know we’ll be so happy we have truly been living it up these last few weeks as just the two of us.

This is crazy– I remember thinking I had a baby bump at this point (haha!) and I’ve gone from this…. to this:

The nursery went from this… to this:

And looking back through my phone pictures I found some great stuff 🙂

When we got married, we had these W The Wedding coozies made and 4 years later the tradition continues. Our family and friends outdid themselves with our baby shower & these coozies are proof 🙂

How does such a tiny human require so many large items?!

There is something about ‘nesting’ that makes you a little crazy. I kept adding projects to our list throughout the pregnancy… including painting our room, enclosing the built-in bookcases to make them closets, ripping up carpet in my office & the nursery, having the hardwood floors redone, painting the office & nursery, organizing and reorganizing every closet in the house at least 5 times…. the list goes on and on. The only room that really hasn’t received any attention is the living room. We’ll take care of it at some point but at least I feel like our house is now a home for baby W to come home to (not that he/she will even care). 🙂

We’ve spent a lot of time on our awesome back deck recently. I’m so thankful for this house and the memories we’re already making here 🙂

Bean loves the back deck too haha. He is so spoiled rotten. I don’t know what’s going to happen once this baby arrives! He’s going to be so confused why he can’t sit in my lap 24/7.

Once I officially went on ‘maternity leave’ I decided it was time to read something that was not baby-related. I finished all 3 books in 1 week. Then, we went to see the movie (hated it but oh well)– because who knows the next time we’ll go to a movie!

My friend Lauren told me about this amazing, affordable antique store close to our house. I’ve probably been there 10 times already. This had to come home with me for Baby W’s newborn pictures!

For about 2 weeks, all I wanted was a pineapple surf smoothie from Smoothie King. Umm and may I add that it’s a more expensive habit than Starbucks?! Geez. So worth it though!

And this has always been one of my favorite habits. My friend Leah and I had our first Pinkberry experience in Cali 2 years ago (was it 2 years ago Leah?!). Pinkberry is amazing… so much better than Sweet Cece’s and all the others. 🙂

Spent some quality snuggle time with my favorite pup:

We had the pack n play set up in our room for Baby W to sleep in for the first little while… and it was taking up the whole room. So, we decided to get this adorable bassinet and I’m so glad we did. I hope he/she loves it!

I spent a few hours one day pulling weeds hoping that would put me in labor. It didn’t work but our yard looks great 🙂

Do you know how weird it is to look in your backseat and see this? Our cars are ready for transporting little Baby W safely!

Dusty borrowed his parents’ jeep last weekend and we had the greatest time driving around in the perfect weather, trying to ‘bounce baby W out’ haha. That didn’t work either.

I made eggplant parmesan the other night– recipe from this restaurant in Atlanta. It’s famous for causing women to go into labor. That didn’t work either.

This is from our daytime date on Wednesday. We went to Opry Mills and walked around, went to Frothy Monkey and had coffee and cookies and then walked around Radnor Lake! It was the greatest day 🙂

So much fun to look back on the past 9 months. I feel such a peace and I’m so thankful for all that God has given us. 🙂 Come on Baby W– we’re ready to meet you!!!

2 thoughts on “{friday favorite} A look back”

  • Cami Fields says:

    Best.post.ever. The only one that will top it is Baby W’s arrival. Seriously, this makes me want to have another baby (as if I wasn’t already there yet!) So excited for y’all and loved looking back on these last few months through your beautiful pictures. My fav is the one of you pulling weeds 🙂 I was the same way towards the end!

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