{friday favorite} A little help from my friends

Happy Friday everyone!!

I’m so excited for this weekend- my friend Meredith is flying in town from Richmond to help us get ready for Baby Walker. Mere is one of my closest friends from growing up– you’ve seen her a few times on this blog- like when I shot her engagement pictures, and her bridal portraits and when I was in her wedding 🙂 A few months ago we were talking and she said ‘So, tell me everything about the nursery. What have you done so far?!’ and my answer was ‘Well, nothing really. I know what I want to do but we haven’t done much’. She immediately said ‘That’s it. I’m coming there to help you.’ 🙂 So she’s on her way here to tackle this to-do list 🙂 And she’s excited about it for some reason.

I’m so thankful to have friends who fly in town to help me buy curtain rods, clean out drawers and just deal with the insanity of my ‘nesting’ craziness 🙂 Thanks Mere!!

I promise an update on the nursery soon (and the office!!!). In the mean time- a sneak peek of nursery fabrics!

Happy Friday everyone!


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