It’s all about the best lighting! I like to schedule sessions about 2 hours before sunset or a little after sunrise if you’re up for a morning session! Studio Milestone sessions are done mid morning during the week

We have many options! I have a great list of favorite outdoor locations. I also have access to a studio we can rent out (used mainly for Milestone sessions) and I do newborn sessions in your home where everyone is the most comfortable

Maternity sessions are done between 30-36 weeks when mama is still comfortable.

It’s important that newborn sessions be done within the first 10 days after baby is born so they are still sleepy and curled up for the posed photos. My clients typically just text or email when baby has arrived and we’ll decide which day works best for everyone. Sessions are typically done during the week around mid-morning

I have spent years collecting all the beautiful things we’ll need for your session...props, blankets, wraps, simple headbands and hats, etc. You won’t need to buy anything. Everything I have will fit newborns properly and will be comfortable for your baby. I’ve chosen colors and fabrics that and will make sure your baby is the star of the show.

Galleries will be ready for viewing approximately 3-5 weeks after our session. This gives me enough time to go through every image and perfect them.

This is THE question I receive the most. I love helping my clients in this area. I know it can be intimidating but my main suggestion is to coordinate but don’t match. Don’t force your family to wear something they are totally uncomfortable in. They will look uncomfortable in the pictures. Neutral and soft colors are best. Avoid black.

I wish I could order 72 and sunny every day, don’t you? We’ll watch the weather as we get closer to your session. We’ll decide if we need to reschedule and will work together to figure out a date that works for everyone. There is no fee to reschedule due to weather.

I have 2 boys ages 7 and 4 and a 1 year old girl. There isn’t much I haven’t seen in terms of ‘not cooperating’. HAHA! For real-- it takes a lot to surprise me in this area. I am so comfortable around kids. Sometimes it takes a little time to get everyone comfortable. Kids can be tired, hungry, moody, etc. If they just need a minute...that is fine! I tell parents to do all you can to encourage your little people to have fun. If they think we’re just on an adventure at a park, playing and laughing they will be more inclined to follow along.

It is totally normal for your newborn to wake up during the session and sometimes get a little fussy. We’ll take a break if needed to soothe baby using warmth, rocking or a full feeding if necessary. It is normal for baby to need to feed at some point during our session. I send a detailed list of tips to help you prepare for our session ahead of time so we’ll be able to ‘plan’ when baby might need to eat. Newborns take patience...and newborn photography is no different. Sit back and relax and allow me to help.

The pictures you see in my portfolio are real families- not models! It is my job to help coach you into natural poses and it is your job to just love on your family and enjoy the process. Usually all it takes is a few minutes to feel comfortable. Just try to be yourself! And play with your children. Laughter and tickles and snuggles will make for great pictures!

Great! I’m so excited to document this time for your family and it is truly an honor! Please fill out the contact form or email me and we’ll get started.