{Best Friday Favorite Ever} Introducing…


Born April 9, 2012     10:18 a.m.

6 lbs.  12 oz.   20.5 in


This is going to be a long one folks…

The back story–

I’m not quite sure how to even write this post. The past few days have been such a whirlwind. My mom got here last Friday and surprised me. We weren’t sure when she would drive in from Atlanta but she was dying to just be here and worried she would get a call from me in the middle of the night so she just jumped in the car. She has been amazing- cleaning our house, grocery shopping and helping us so much. I can’t thank her enough. On Saturday we ran some errands and came back to the house to do things around here so I could just get my mind off the fact that I was READY to have this baby. In fact, my mom and Dusty thought it would be hilarious if I cut the grass. So, I did. 9 Months pregnant but only for a few minutes.  🙂 I think it worked! Around 3 a.m. we ended up leaving for the hospital but were sent home around 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning because things had slowed down. I was really disappointed but tried to relax and remember that the baby would arrive when he/she was ready. I actually got a few hours sleep on Sunday morning. We went about our day and took a few walks hoping it would start labor again. I didn’t think it would work but around 3:00 on Sunday afternoon I was most definitely in labor. We waited as long as we could before heading to the hospital- I was not going to be sent home twice! We were admitted around 10:00 Sunday night and our little man was born Monday at 10:18 a.m.

And now that HE is here–

We were surrounded by family and friends on the most special day of our lives. It was a day we’ll never forget. I made sure to soak it all in and really take in each moment– even during the pain. I couldn’t wait to meet our child and it was so worth everything we had to go through to get there. I’m pretty sure all the doctors and nursers were just as excited to see if it was a boy or girl and we all shouted in unison IT’S A BOY! Seeing him for the first time is something I’ll never forget. His eyes searching to find me as I talked to him, touching his sweet face like I had always imagined I would. He’s absolutely perfect and I just can’t believe he’s ours. We are thanking God every minute for trusting us with this precious little boy. We’re so thankful for all the kind words and prayers we’ve received. Davis is one lucky little boy. I keep telling him how loved he is and how many people he already has that the can always count on.

I also have to say- I have an incredible husband. I’ve never felt so taken care of in my life. Just when I thought he couldn’t be more amazing… he shows me I am wrong. Dusty was by my side every step of the way and even through his own fear found the strength to step up and help me. I am so grateful for his help and constant love. Davis has a wonderful daddy and it makes me cry just thinking about how lucky they are to have each other. I can only hope Davis grows up to be just like his Daddy. 🙂

I’m sure I’ll be posting tons of pictures of our little man as he grows. I can’t wait to take the next month to get to know him and spend some quality time at home. I love you baby boy.

And now for some pictures!!

My mom is officially hired for LWP– she took these pictures of us just minutes after he was born 🙂

 We wanted to come up with a fun way to announce if it was a boy or girl to our family in the waiting room. We wrapped 2 pairs of shoes– pink converse & blue converse and brought out the blue ones for them to open. Here is their reaction. Totally priceless.

Getting ready to go home! He was swimming in his outfit!

Davis meeting his big brother Bean. Bean has adjusted surprisingly well 🙂

I took this last night. 🙂 We’ve made a vow to keep our camera around at all times to document this exciting time.

And as if that wasn’t enough… our friend Tyler did something for us that we’ll never be able to thank him for. There are no words… just this INCREDIBLE video he put together. I’ll leave you with this…


10 thoughts on “{Best Friday Favorite Ever} Introducing…”

  • Jillian Unger says:

    In tears reading this blog post! So happy for you both – congrats on the addition to your perfect little family! XX

  • Shelley Bronaugh says:

    Hi Leslie! You probably don’t remember me – but we talked back in 2010 about you photographing my daughter’s 2011 Charleston wedding – and then you found out you were moving! I still enjoy seeing your blog posts though and I must say this one was simply amazing! I don’t even know you and it made me cry………and THEN I saw the video at the end. WOW!!! Congratulations to you all!!!!

  • Beth Kaufman says:

    HI Leslie and Dusty!! I am just thrilled for you both!!! Such a lucky little boy to be born into so much love. Your pictures are amazing…you looked amazing after having given birth!I loved the video…of course it made me weepy. (Loved getting to see my friend Carolyn too!) It is such a wonderful time in your life and you are so lucky to have each other to share and love Davis. I can’t wait to meet him….you are going to be wonderful parents!

    Love and hugs…Beth

  • Windy Bottoms says:

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you! What a beautiful blessing! Welcome to motherhood the best is yet to come. 🙂

  • Aunt Barbara says:

    I am still crying after watching that video. It seems like you were just born, Leslie. I’m so so happy for you and Dusty. Davis is absolutely perfect and a precious little gift from God. I love you all so much.
    Aunt Barbara

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