A small announcement…

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Yup. We’re having ANOTHER baby!! πŸ™‚ Yay! We’re so excited to add another little munchkin to our family. Davis is (hopefully) going to be a great big brother! It’s nice to finally be able to ‘announce’ this very fun news. We can’t lie though- it’s been a rough few weeks for this prego. I definitely didn’t feel this bad with Davis and with so many weddings, sessions and work to get through it’s been a crazy couple of months. We’ve powered through though– with MUCH help from Dusty, our family, coca cola classic (yes, I’m drinking caffeine), Chick-fil-A & unfortunately LOTS of TV for Davis. But we’re doing great now & excited for things to come! We’re feeling very thankful we get to go on this crazy ride all over again. I just keep looking at Davis and thinking about how BIG he is…and just can’t imagine another little newborn in my arms. It’s going to be fun and crazy and amazing.

We’re still not sure yet if we’re finding out the sex of the baby. We didn’t with Davis and it was THE greatest surprise of our lives. We just might do it again. πŸ™‚

Also— it will be business as usual around here until about March of next year through May. Of course as luck would have it– ALL of our wedding inquiries lately have been for March & April. Can someone get married in June? πŸ˜‰

Thanks for sharing in our excitement!!

Leslie, Dusty, Davis & Baby W #2


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